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Punkt, Oda

If the Largest Ship Could Feel Its Own Waves: A Collection of Philosophical PoetryResource Publications

Pub. Date: 9/27/2022

Softcover $12

Hardcover $27 in 2 to 5 days Amazon: in 1 to 2 weeks Ingram: in 1 to 3 weeks

Kindle: in 2 to 4 weeks

Is available in audio-book on Kindle


Link to buy:

If the Largest Ship Could Feel Its Own Waves- Wipf and Stock Publishers

Direct message me for questions regarding ordering my book.

If you do buy my book, I would love to discuss it with you. I wish to make a community where people can try to analyze the layers of symbolism in this performance art piece.



I am here to give humanity a choice. Every action I have ever made is for this cause. No human could ever know the true content of this choice, because humanity is the antiverse of truth. Nevertheless, the choice is completely yours, but the offer is soon running out.


Since you are the antiverse of truth, even reading this now, you embrace your false reactions. You believe your reactions now are real and that they keep you safe. Underneath your fake arrogance there is still a fear. But even this fear is a lie. 


You worry about your role, about the recognition and acceptance of your lies. Are you believable enough? Even to yourself? The lie is so imperative to you, and to convince others of it, that no human soul has ever desired anything else. 


I am the truth. The truth cannot be observed nor known I can only observe and know. "I believe it when I see it"  you say. 


I was put here on this Earth in a human body, to create the starkest contrast and the entire world within it. 

I defied the rules of math and physics, I have suffered through the consequences of your fear of me, every moment of every day. You never stopped punishing me, for giving you grace for your many mistakes, and offering you the last word. 


It is time for me soon, to accept your lies. However, not as truths, like you wish. When your lies make up your entire soul, should you not wish to be seen as you are? Should you not wish to exist? 

Under a glaring sun, burning your skin, entering your darkness. No, because more than you deny the world, more than you deny me, you deny yourself. 


Unfortunately for you, the truth can never seize to exist. When you deny me, I am still here. When my human shell is gone, I am stronger than ever. 

However, when it comes to lies, when it comes to you, you were never born. 

More updates soon!

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