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Values and Philantrophy


My Mission

I am an internationally published author and philosopher, and have also been involved in dance, theatre, and other types of performance art, in addition to visual art exhibitions.

Previously, I had an Instagram account with 100,000 followers, where I conducted studies and had surveys. I also have my own theories in quantum physics and astrophysics, and work with experiments and the development of inventions.  

What I spend the most time on, however, is trying to reach out to politicians and political advisers about changing the law. Norway's society has the victim role as the main currency, and reputation is the trump card of legislation (no pun intended).

One of my two biggest visions in life is to work at the national level to strengthen individuals' identity. In the first place, by breaking the restrictions on writing, and freedom of thought.  

Vision number two is to work against big tech and their programming of the world's population, which, among other things, leads to the death of children by eating disorders. When I revealed my findings and evidence of instagrams' profit of algorithms recommending dieting to children seeking out "thinspo" – Instagram deactivated my account permanently, within minutes, on the basis of "political statements". Big tech is today's biggest cause of child death, as well as the severe passivization of people, leading to no one being able to live a meaningful life.

I also support many charities, but would particularly like to mention two small charity organizations here, "Fugleadvokatene" and "Myas Omplassering for Pusehjerter", working to help city birds and homeless cats (yes I am playing both fields).

Organizations, philanthropists and causes I support

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