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All I hear is the screams

Hey all. Firstly, I would like to thank all those bitter men for reporting my YouTube channel. I am sitting here visualizing the process of how thrilling it must be to take the time to report all content from women who rejected you personally. What an adrenaline rush! Heart beating fast, sweaty palms, all of a sudden you feel more powerful than ever. When you reach an old age, you will think back on this moment, your greatest achievement in life.

I had already marked my video on YouTube for 18+ content just because I was wearing a table cloth and nothing else, like a true Michelangelo sculpture. However, marking it 18+ like murder videos and hard core animal porn, was not enough. Yes, my pink table cloth was so offensive, that it was a real danger to society.

So add YouTube to the list of instagram, facebook, tiktok and everywhere else, that promotes children dying of eating disorders and animal abuse. In a world where "top surgery is for anyone" is trending, and children at the age of nine are learning how not just transgender people can benefit from cutting their breasts and nipples off. It IS for EVERYONE, it is freeing, you do not even notice the shirt your wearing and you can jump up and down just fine!

Meanwhile, in this world, you can NEVER see breasts that have NOT been cut open. Real women are both invisible and illegal. It is also against the law for real women to give advice, by saying that body dysmorphia happens to 100% of the population through puberty age. So the kids never learn that what they are feeling is actually completely natural, and certainly not a reason to have major surgery, or starve themselves to death.

The only glimpse of women still legal to see, is filtered blow up doll bodies, that you can only achieve from push up bras, silicone, injections, layers upon layers of filters. And then you have accounts like Eugenia Cooneys, with an entire followers list of children posting photos of their rib cages and encouraging and romanticizing each others deaths.

This is a time when common sense is completely silenced. All I really hear is the screams. The only survivers are those bitter men that never once knew what its like to be alive.

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