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Allergy Advice

Since I am not a doctor, and my mission in life is not to destroy peoples health- I thought I would give you my findings for allergy treatment experiments. Not including antihistamines and store bought nasal sprays, but I use those too.

  1. Taping medical mask to face. Pros: Looks like I am a paranoid lunatic. Cons: I have latex and glue allergy

  2. Taping all the doors and windows (against pollen allergy) Pros: The building does not have latex allergy. Cons: My air filter snitched on the tape and told me pollen still penetrated. How this happened, I genuinely do not know, I taped rigorously. I might need several hatches/doors within one another, with small hallways/compartments in between each door. Most likely I need to live underground. I tried researching this and Norway is so dumb that I would have to apply to dig a house underground, and even though the house is cheap, the application costs more than a really expensive house.

  3. The air filter: Pros: Wonderful sound experience. Cons: hahahah why are you just stating how much pollen is in the room but not actually filtering it 😭

  4. Chili oil and other cooking oil with capsaicin, rub adub to the skin above sinuses and taken with small q-tip inside nose. Pros: I like the sensation and waterfall tropic vacation. Cons: The sinuses just never stop, the tropical vacation never ends.

  5. Lavender oil (same application). Pros: No mosquitos are going to fly up your nose. I like the scent. You need less oxygen when you are relaxed and lavender relaxes you. Seems to have some positive effect against the allergy! Cons: The pizza tastes like lavender.

  6. Large dosages Omega3. Pros: Yes this definitely helps against allergies and all immune disorders. Cons: Burping

  7. Elocon cortisone cream, with the warning "must not be used on face!!!" On the label. Same application. Pros: Everything. Cons: Nothing. This is the way to go, its even better than antihistamines and nasal spray.

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