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Bunny-viking, bird-paradise, massive bed in the kitchen

You may have noticed that I keep adding shit to this site, without ever cleaning it up. Imagine what my apartment looks like. I have built a furniture cake actually, but the light bulbs are dead so I cant show you. I am also doing some static electricity experiments, trying to find a way to store massive energy, you know free electricity for the neighbors. But I dont have a lot of time for it. I love finding free stuff online and dragging it across the city. I am in the process of getting a bird and so I need to transform my apartment in to a bird heaven that can stimulate this bird to defy all limitations of intellect. My two neighbors got a gigantic bed for me that I put in the middle of the kitchen. I am getting a bird bath tub as well and I will make the entire bathroom ubto an exotic oasis. I got more plants. I got the freedom lily Jeanne D'Arc precisely a year ago and she now has a buddy, a peace lily named Fred. I still have my three cacti as well, from many years ago, theyre still tiny cause I forgot to ever water them the first years I had them. But now that I have started watering plants, I am fully expecting them to shoot through the roof, any second. I swear Jeanne D'Arc and Fred turn acutely flat and spread across the surface of the table when I have negative energy, then they perk right up when I have positive energy. It inspires me to not constantly be in a homicidal mood.

Oh yes, and in the photo is the viking-bunny dress I designed and am in the process of making. What else, got a new phone finally, but forgot the password within five minutes of making it and had to send it to repair. I love the new computer I got! Will finally be able to write now too.

Bye for now, will jump up behind you, when you least expect it