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Copyright Bank

Since hundreds of people have made careers based on my ideas- I decided to post more of them. I am starting by posting a gallery of ideas for clothing design.

Shout out to all the famous writers who took screenshots of my new and unpublished poems and literary works, and published them as their own. Shout out to the physicists who stole my ideas and won prizes for them.

In spite of your lie and your death - There is never an end to me. There can never be an end to the source of it all.

There should be a team following me around with a recorder, to catch all the inventions I come up with every day, as I am talking to myself, my only conversation partner here on Earth. But I fear no person would ever be pure enough - to record the truth, for the purpose of releasing it, without turning it into a lie, without profiting from it.

I am the hurricane, yet you are the motionless tree. You claim that the truth cannot exist, because you cannot see it, because you cannot be moved by it. You say I am not a friend of humanity, because I sacrifice my being to wake you up. You never accept my being that I offer you freely, - for what it is, for what I am. Greedily you choose to steal from the truth, and turn it into lies.