Do you want a personalized Christmas card?

Hi! I wanted to first say that I am trying to fix my website language settings, because there are currently two versions of the website, one international and one Norwegian, and all comments and likes are divided, so if you are in Norway you can only see likes and comments from Norway and vice versa. This is the only glitch I am aware of.

Are you noticing any other glitches or anything else which could improve the site? I would greatly appreciate any tips and feedback on how to improve the site! If you comment on this blog post with a tip for how to improve it, I will send you a personalized Christmas card to your home, that I painted! I will send internationally as well, but I cannot promise it will be delivered in time though.

These are some winter photos I took yesterday! Happy winter

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Fikk en koselig melding i dag fra Oslo Kommune om avføringsbakterier i drikkevannet. Dette er dermed levende vann, vann med liv oppi. Om man heller vannet i en kopp og har på nattbordet er det litt so