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Even more snow, watch this get out of hand

To clarify, I got a grocery delivery yesterday, and so I had to climb out the window, with plastic bags taped all over my body, - the living room filled with snow, while I watched the box with groceries sink to the bottom of the snow pile outside. I dived to the bottom, like Scrooge McDuck, to fetch the groceries, I then pushed them in through the window and onto the snow pile on the floor inside.

I quickly shoveled the worst of the snow away from the doorway, knowing the snow on the floor inside was about to melt, and hurried inside, so the floor would not get wet.

Finally inside, in the beautiful winter landscape of my living room - I shuffled the snow into bags and put in the sink.

As you can see in the video, the shuffling I did yesterday, was not a permanent solution 😊

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