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Everyone keeps ignoring me

I have been reaching out to several physicists with access to a lab about my ideas and never heard back from either of them. I wonder if they are just stealing my ideas and running with it, which has happened so many times before.

Here are some of my ideas I want to work on:

Graphene's effect on adrenaline and the nervous system overall is extremely interesting, as is the fact that people exposed to high radiation start producing more adrenaline, which in turns protects against future radiation.

Some types of radioactivity also produce antimatter antiparticles, and I think it could be interesting to research antiparticles in the human body in regards to immunology. The collision between antiparticles and particles eradicates both respectively and causes photons or even gamma rays to be emited, which means its like a radiation loop :D

I have a medical condition where I produce a lot of adrenaline and have been on betablockers since I was a teenager. Although people do not believe this until they witness it, my body produces a kind of heat/energy that interacts with fine tuned mechanics, especially in modern cars.

No physicist I have met has been interested in this particular idea of mine (harvesting human energy) and they have thought it is childhish. But I think it would Would be interesting to map out the kind of energy field possible for a human body to generate, and to see what this kind of energy could be used for. Infrared can be used for many amazing things that ultraviolet cannot, and I believe all energy matters. This is also something I think can be very relevant in immunology research.

There should also be conducted experiments on people with ME, and people with increased levels of the protein WASF3 in their cells, which appears to inhibit energy production in the cells. Mitochondria, which are the cells' powerhouses, are involved in this process, which is interesting because on my mothers side everyone has ADHD like symptoms.

I was exposed to a lot of radiation as a child and I also experienced a lot of trauma, which may have contributed to my unusual adrenaline production. I was subjected to heavy medications from I was six years old, high dosages of rivotril and had to often get adrenaline shots in the neck because I stopped breathing. I also overdosed with three full boxes of rivotril when I was 13 and was in a coma for three weeks with full memory loss the fourth week. Doctor then took the rivotril off without seponating it, and thought I had ADHD so gave me various types of speed and I was awake for five weeks. After all this my nervous system was completely broken and I started producing an extreme amount of adrenaline.

There have recently been some breakthroughs in thermodynamics with the micro heat engine, which is also relevant to the scientific research ideas I have.

I do not have a lab available, I stopped reading recycled ideas at eight years old in the search of mental freedom, and quit school at thirteen, but I am a genius and I would love to connect with someone who wants to play fun games with me and save many people from their terrible illnesses.

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