Kulturhuset event Sunday 11 to 16

Hey all! Been super busy and deeply enchanted per usual, but just wanted to pop in and tell you to come to an art and design event at Kulturhuset on Sunday from 11 to 16 (11am to 4pm) That is Sunday on the sixth! I will be selling my art there, expect surprises (no one is safe). However, for sure I am going to sell posters of paintings as well as original paintings. The posters will be dirt cheap and the paintings stupidly overpriced, so get the latter! See you there!

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Fikk en koselig melding i dag fra Oslo Kommune om avføringsbakterier i drikkevannet. Dette er dermed levende vann, vann med liv oppi. Om man heller vannet i en kopp og har på nattbordet er det litt so