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Mass Shootings in the US

I am Norwegian and have voted for a different political party each election, reflecting the changes in causes for each election. I do not lean more on the liberal, or more on the conservative side politically - and both sides have the most idiotic views.

That being said, I think it is ironic that conservative voters in the US claim to be the most practical, and to focus on the task ahead instead of daydreaming and drama - yet it is more important for them to have the acces to guns themselves, for the rare and fantastical event that someone should break into their house - rather than to focus on the actual and current problem, which is there are more mass shootings than days of the year, and mass shootings is the largest cause of death amongst children. If you claim to be realistic; deal with the world you live in, don't hide in your house daydreaming about the day someone will come and target you personally.

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