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Monday he didnt know if he was dead. Does he know now?

Found this admiral butterfly torn apart on the road on Monday. First he lied completely still, either in shock or he had given up. I woke him up slowly. He even managed to use his broken wings towards the end and was able to fly into the forest. Then it was Wednesday I think, when it snowed.

When I lived in Sweden I took in an admiral butterfly that flew into my apartment during a snow storm in January. I had rotten plants that he loved, and I put cotton pads in a bowl, soaked with water, salt and honey. He lived for three weeks until I had to travel to Tunisia.

Admiral butterflies are amazing and they fly from Norway to Morocco, so I almost wondered if he was going to fly after me.

Maybe I should have taken this one in too, but it was too painful for me to look at how hurt he was, so it would be horrible to look at his pain and confusion every day. I even wondered if maybe I should put him out of his suffering... So releasing him into nature was the middle ground, in this scenario.

He reminds me of Jesus. Happy Easter.