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My book is in stores!


My book has been available in stores since september 27th! It is called If the Largest Ship Could Feel Its Own Waves. Go to main page for links to stores.

This is the Preface:

Long ago I learned the power of anti, the way that one extreme gives life to the opposite one-, and the-way emotion is built from the suppression of it. I see political activists speak their minds, but every mind is filtered, and every word tailored to reach only those who already agree. With all the social rules imposed by each subculture, every individual is frozen, and the world is at a standstill. There is a way to bring the tension of this paralysis into action. There is a way to transform the suppression of thought into freedom of speech. I accept all realities as equal, and I am not here to tell you who to be. I am only here to encourage a reaction and a drive to break out of the constrictions placed upon you. My poetry is intentionally representing suppressed opinions and realities, and therefore both politically incorrect and morally provoking. Through your reactions to my writings and my art, I hope you will arrive at yourself

This is the Synopsis:

This poetry collection describes the state of melancholy, yet it draws into the state of grief as well. Sorrow is the longing after something specific which we lost. Melancholy is the longing after something which we never had because it can never exist. This collection of philosophical poetry describes the macro aspect of the truth longing for humanity, and the micro aspect of the human grieving the disconnection from a loved one.

The opaque symbolism touches an emotional nerve, and the reader discovers how she/he truly feels when confronted with the power of harm, and the concept of having nothing to lose.

The question that remains is can you be saved? Can humanity be saved? In the end the biggest obstacles are the ones we place in the road ourselves.

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