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Painted Christmas Cards

These are the Christmas cards I made the other day, pretty jolly right? I found out the size of a Christmas card is pretty perfect to paint an eye. Perhaps they shall be called eye cards.

I also bought three awesome antique wax seals, two of them from the Victorian era, and the last one Art Nouveau. I will post pictures of them when I get them!

I have sent mail before to Biden without ever getting a reply, as well as other politicians and influential people. Could you imagine not responding to MOI? The audacity!

Anyway I realized I dont actually enjoy emails, and so I am going to go the old fashioned route with letters by post, containing human teeth and beetle shells (but not the good beetle shells, those I am saving to do research for my new invention).

However I will NEVER use PostNord to send things, what a scam company. They never delivered my shelf systems and so all the beetle jars have to stand on the floor. They also would probably open all the beautifully sealed letters I send and steal the teeth inside. Just the very thought of PostNord makes me shiver.

If you witness some kind of injustice, or get an idea on how to improve something, I hope you are encouraged to actually speak up about it, no matter how hard it is to get responses from politicians, and hey if you intentionally write a lot of grammar mistakes, maybe they will think you are a child and therefore respond to you. They are indeed very ageist.

We are over halfway to Christmas now, and I hope you are all feeling some type of magic, whether it is the Christmas magic, Eye magic or something else!

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