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Selling products with 100% proceeds to Turkey, Syria and Ukraine

When I was a child, I did not get an allowance, I worked several jobs, as a gymastics instructor, cleaning offices and babysitting (yes, under the age of ten) This obviously was just a few times a week after school, by my own free will, and all the money went to further exploring my nutritional deficiency - and then equally divided to many different charity organisations. I have always been so fixated on justice, that it has made me physically unwell (in addition to the blueberry muffins)

I was creating mathematical equations for how much of the proceeds went to admin of the organisations VS directly to the project, compared with how much success their earlier projects had. For instance, one organisation spent a huge amount of donations, on giving electricity to a tribe, whos religious beliefs were that heat without flame is the devils work. Also, being a member of Natur og Ungdom, for all my childhood years, recieving their magazine every month about all the species I tried to save that were now extinct, - all in a time when no one believed in global warming, - was not uplifting.

I knew that the only way to survive the horror of being the only one who cared in the world - was to quit supporting all the charities.

And I did, for many years. I only signed petitions, and did not read about any outcomes or any "desperate situations". Justice is my way of addiction, and this is why I do not have any friends, or consider any of my relations I have ever had, as friendships. I have impossible standards, both for myself and for everyone else.

Tonight I donated money to several charities, and I dont say that to brag, cause it has been many years since I did - but I just hope I am not lost in the abyss, of the never ending desperation of the world, this time.

One of the charities I donated to, because only 3% of their donations go to their administration - is UNICEF. It pains me to see all the money they have spent on covid vaccinations in the world, when there are literally children dying of starvation, and dying of growing molars. That, in my opinion, is extremely out of touch.

Already this is causing me mental and emotional anguish, because the only way anything would be okay, would be if I ruled the world. None of these organisations are doing things correctly. Still, I know they are doing good in the world. Compromises and half lies have always been torture to me.

So, I have an idea, which would help me a lot, and also help people suffering in Ukraine, Turkey and Syria. I want to sell products, where 100% of the proceeds go to an organisation, fighting to help people in these crisis areas. (First, I will talk to the organisations about how that procedure goes, so that all customers will have the authentication.) Is this something you could be interested in? Comment, DM me.

The way this would help me, is to see other people engaging, so that its just me.

I am thinking of selling anything that there can be produced more than one item of, so, t-shirts with prints of my designs, pillow cases with prints, cup, flower pots - anything with prints haha

I hope to see someone interested in this!

(Also, in the music video I made last night, I was originally dancing to a different and more upbeat song, and people like that version better, but I just wanted to show my jazz inspired song at the same time!! I want to do everything at the same time, which probably means I will post the original video as well, and yes, YouTube still has issues with the version I posted anyway, so you might not have seen it)

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