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The Only Difference between Me and Jesus

Me and Jesus are so similar in so many ways. From how we enjoy wearing loosely fitted dresses, to how we like running around with sheep. But one thing I cannot wrap my mind around is his excitement about carpentry. What the fuck Jesus? Carpentry? Really?

I just quickly want to brag about the fact that I did put together my other book shelf in just a few minutes, all by myself, but I then had the correct tools etc.

However.... This one... from my last post... I do firmly believe that Satan was involved with designing this particular book shelf. I am sure it is here to teach me a valuable lesson of the hardships of life, but I cannot quite grasp that right now. It is just too painful at the moment, to be able to see it in perspective.

Should I try to pull out the screws so that the rest of the cabinet doesnt break? Should I nag my already bothered friends to help me with Satans book shelf? Would that cast an ever lasting curse on them? Will we all get possessed by demons? There are so many questions.