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Todays hard work

So today I spent 20 minutes sliding downhill in the snow, when desperately trying to climb up the steep hill to the paper recycling container. It was so windy and the only warmth I had was the tears running down my face. Milk cartons were flying everywhere, and some are still in the neighbors garden. ALL I DO FOR THIS FUCKING PLANET.

I still love to use my old e-mail for business because it is hacked and the editors get sent asian porn and viruses. It is like a russian roulette and no one ever knows what they are going to get. So yes I also answered some e-mails today and was very professional.

Then I painted a new painting that I think looks like cotton. I once wrote a poem called Edges about a girl moaning in a cotton field. So they kind of go together.

Then finally at 4am I got a revelation that I had to put some tiny post cards into some huge frames. I LOVE THESE POST CARDS BECAUSE THEY ARE ALIVE. Here are photos of the tiny but ALIVE cards in their huge frames.

PS: Dont complain.

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