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Upcoming publication of poetry collection

I have been so excited to share that my philosophical poetry collection with around 70 poems has been accepted for publication, by one of the largest and most respectable publishers in the world, that also align beautifully with my morals and artistic vision. If you know me personally you know the name of the publisher and what the title of the collection will be, but for now I am keeping it a little secret and I will come with more updates about this in the time to come. I could not be more excited!!!!!

One amazing perk is that the book will always be in press and circulation, so you can buy it soon after it launches, and then your great grandchild can buy it 100 years from now!

I am happy to share I will be using my own photography as illustrations and possibly included in the cover design. Stay tuned and revisit this blog for updates about this project!

PS the philosophical poetry is written in English, and the publisher is American. I do not write poetry in Norwegian, because the Norwegian language is not advanced enough for the type of poetry I enjoy writing.

Wishing you all a beautiful day tomorrow - peace and love - until I get pissed off again and just want the world to end :)

- Oda Punkt