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Update on my poetry collection and baking my first pie

Today I have been working on copy editing my poetry collection. There aren't too many changes I have to make, but I have to change most of the titles of the poems. Fun fact I have zero relationship to titles for poems and paintings. So much so, that when I forget the titles I make new ones, and then it creates a mess. The title for the poetry collection as a whole mattered to me and I spent time coming up with it, but somehow that is different to me than titles of individual poems. In the added photo gallery, there is a suggestion for the cover that I designed myself, and as you can see the title of the book is "If the largest ship could feel its own waves". It will be published through wipfandstock and I am so happy about that!

Ever since I watched the Snow White movie when I was little, I wanted to get into pai baking. I have previously done regular apple pies, with the store bought pai crust. I did however want to come up with my own pai crust that is 100% healthy, since my goal is to one day have pai eating as my only every day routine.

This is the recipe I came up with for the pai crust (it has zero flour and zero butter/oil, and is vegan except for the honey):

almond flour (this is still not flour, it is just crushed almonds haha!)

almond milk

uncooked oat flakes

flaxseeds (linfrø på norsk)

cornstarch (maismel på norsk)

a small amount baking soda

a little honey

pinch of salt

Almonds have natural healthy fats, and so the almond flour and milk, mixed with the cornstarch, baking soda and honey creates a perfect consistency.

Immidiately after you have made the dough, it is not firm, but after you have let it sit and swell for a while it is actually the most amazing pai crust I have ever come across. This pai crust never ever broke up, and the filling did not bleed.

I put the filling on a sheet of baking paper, separate from the dough so that the dough would not get soggy.

The filling is simply made of a bunch of different berries, cornstarch and honey

I did not measure any of the ingredients and I doubt I will ever make anything by measuring, but I mean more almond flour than salt etc, just use common sense.

Thanks for following me even though I am a witch

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