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Where fire flows like water

So the past few days have been wild, fire-wise, wildfire wise. There was a fire next to my house and I almost had to evacuate. Then today my blender actually exploded and flames came spewing out.

I feel like Jeanne D'Arc is talking to me through my blender and toxic plastic fumes, Hellooooo she says hovering above me. Come closer through the veil of broken electronics, try dying a useless death. But she knows that I would rather go out with a different kind of bang.

Btw: When I lived in Tunisia I also lived next door to the plastic factory. In fact all of humanitys toxicity has run through my veins, I have swallowed every sin you have committed. It is now supported by scientific studies, the microplastics in my veins, - I am humanitys personal air filter. When I open my mouth, a wind current comes out of my lungs, which supports the travels of the butterflies, to the other side of the world, yes, all the way back to the beginning.

I collect all these toxins like sea shells by the beach, and within them are all of my memories, all the places I have been, people I have known, and the utter garbage of it all.

I keep trying to dig up a river which could remain somehow unaffected, as if purity and innocence remains beneath it all,

but what I end up digging up is the Hell where you all belong.

Where fire flows like water