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Previous Visual Art Exhibitions

I started painting in 2020. In October 2020 I had my first exhibition at Galleri Kunstgress. These paintings were watercolor because that’s the only thing I had tried at that time.

Unfortunately, the pandemic restrictions got stricter literally the Monday after the weekend of the exhibition. I had set up two more exhibits that were cancelled. However, stores could still be open, so I sold paintings at Gunerius Shopping Mall in December 2020.

In 2021 I have busy with other projects, but I started painting on canvas for the first time in my life in September 2021, and painting with acrylic paint for the first time. Now on Sunday March 6th from 11 to 16 I am going to sell paintings and posters at Kulturhuset.  

I am soon going to set up a store on this website for posters and digital prints.

They’ll be like
the empty frames,
of paintings,
Hang them for me.


Previously Published
Poetry and Philosophy

“Cinderella,” The Dream Catcher number 33, year 2016
“Orange,” “The Making of a Heartbreaker,” STARK number 2, year 2017

“The Mountain,” South Bank Poetry number 31, April 2019 

“Edges,” Artemis number 22, May/June 2019 

“All the sunshine,” Crosswinds Poetry number 4, April/May 2019

“Anger,” The Journal number 56 (by Sam Smith), year 2019

“Stalling,” “All the sunshine,” The Seventh Quarry number 31, Winter/Spring 2020 

“Brand New Heaven,” “What if the clouds are a fog?” “Machine Gun Confusion,” “The Waterlily and the Fishermen,” “Not Among Us,” “Smoke and Mirrors,” “Celebrity,” “Black and White Meadow,” Neplanta, year 2021

The name used for earlier publications is mostly Oda Dellagi. One publication is under Oda Waag, while the publications of 2021 are under Oda Punkt.

"If The Largest Ship Could Feel its Own Waves" Wipf and Stock Publishing, September 2022



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Of course, it is only my worst poetry that has gotten published. In fact, I have found humanity is so consistent with loving abysmal literature, that I have done performance art writing horrible literature on purpose. Those poems always without fail won prizes, and I was contacted by the biggest editors desperately wanting a full collection of these horrid things. When I then replied to these editors, sending them great poems, they exploded. Either in their angry language in the reply email, forgetting to adult and actually cursing at me, or they just never replied to me, because they were nuked quite literally.

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